Rewind. Repeat.

In 1965, the Voting Rights Act was signed and sighs of relief and shouts of jubilation rang our across the United States of America, as if the years of de facto segregation and blatant discrimination at the polls would come to an end. Some who now were legally afforded the right to vote opted to do other things on election day, while others were refused the right now there’s to exercise.

In 2013, The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) lifted the much needed protections that held Southern States and its bigoted balloting processes in line for almost 50 years. The SCOTUS essentially gave states the option to press “rewind” and take states and its black citizens back to era of blatant Jim Crow days.

The latest ploy has unfolded in my home state of Alabama – the hotbed of the Civil Rights struggle. Bull Connor died in 1973, but his spirit lives on in the actions being taken in Alabama right now to squelch the Black voters of Alabama.

I call on each of you to get off your knees and pick up the phone today and call Alabama governor Robert Bentley's office right now? Tell him: "Stop disenfranchising Black and rural voters. Reopen the driver's license offices immediately with a permanent solution."

Here's where to call:
Governor Robert Bentley
Phone: (334) 242-7100
Then, please report your call by clicking here.

Alabama has a history of suppressing Black votes—which makes this controversial decision to close Drivers License offices (where people also register to vote and change voter registration info) sinful. This action was passed during a special session of the state legislature. We must call on Governor Bentley to open those offices so all voters can openly and actively participate in the political system that governs our laws and impacts our daily lives.

Say “Amen,” and call Governor Robert Bentley’s office right now. Let him know the world is watching him, just as the world watched another Governor of Alabama stand in doorways and on the Capital steps making speeches and claims that were insidious and insulting to so many. Alabama has pressed “rewind” and history is set to repeat, if you do nothing beyond believe this is a tragedy.

Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth Chairperson Black Methodists of Church Renewal

[The information for this movement came from, not from my family or church connections in Alabama. Let’s stop this TODAY.]