The 1717 Individual, 15 Organizational & 4 Congregational Signers of

A Vision for The United Methodist Church

(From the Love Your Neighbor Coalition)

While everyone has submitted their name and email address, several people have been listed, per their request, as Anonymous.
Part of LYNC's goals is to ensure that everyone feels safe to share their faith and hopes openly within the United Methodist Church!
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Organizations (listed alphabetically)

Affirmation: United Methodists for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns
Black Methodists for Church Renewal
Fossil Free UMC
Love Prevails
MARCHA: Metodistas Asociados Representando la Causa de los Hispano-Americanos
Methodist Federation for Social Action
Methodists In New Directions
National Association of Filipino American United Methodists, Board
National Federation of Asian American United Methodists
Native American International Caucus of United Methodists
Pacific Islanders Caucus of United Methodists
Reconciling Ministries Network
United Methodist Association of Ministers with Disabilities
United Methodist Campus Ministry Association
Western Methodist Justice Movement

Congregations (listed chronologically)
    Congregation                       Date Approved             Membership

La Tijera UMC, Los Angeles, CA         9/20/2015                   29 
Wallingford UMC, Seattle, WA           3/06/2016                  300
Trinity UMC, Seattle WA                4/19/2016                  185
Arch Street UMC, Philadelphia, PA      5/10/2016
Individuals Arch Street United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA 19107(alphabetical by first name) 
        Name              Annual Conference Membership    United Methodist Role

Adam Hege                      Western North                      Laity
Adam Kelchner                  Tennessee                          Clergy
Adella Wacker                  Great Plains                       Laity
Adrienne Fink                  South Carolina                     Clergy
AJ Bush                        Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Al Lindsey MD                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Alan Bohnenkamp                Great Plains                       Laity
Alan Hay                       California-Pacific                 Laity
Rev. Alan Jones                California-Nevada                  Clergy
Alex da Silva Souto            New York                           Clergy
Alex Shanks                    West Ohio                          Laity
Alex Sloan                     Louisiana                          Laity
Alex Stone                     Indiana                            Clergy
Alexandre Quintino             São Paulo                          Laity
Alice Ann Glenn                California-Nevada                  Deacon
Alice Montgomery               Texas                              Laity
Alice Nash                     Upper New York                     Laity
Alice Morris                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Alisa Isaacs-Bailey            Indiana                            Laity
Alka Lyall                     Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Allan Jones                    Iowa                               Clergy
Allie Scott                    Wisconsin                          Clergy
Allison Klein                  Upper New York                     Laity
Allyn Rieke                    Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy-Retired
Alyss Swanson                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Amanda Caruso-Yahne            Missouri                           Laity
Amanda Nicol                   East Ohio                          Laity
Amy Aitken                     California-Pacific                 Clergy
Amy DeLong                     Wisconsin                          Clergy
Amy Dinsmore                   North Georgia                      Laity
Amy Hallmon                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Anonymous                      Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Amy Law                        Arkansas                           Laity
Amy Rosenbaum                  California-Pacific                 Clergy
Anonymous                      Northern Illinois                  Laity
Amy Smith                      Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
Amy Waltz-Reasonover           Texas                              Laity
Amy Wheatley                   East Ohio                          Laity
Amy Wilson                     North Texas                        Laity
Andrea Brown                   Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
Andrea Paret                   Great Plains                       Laity
Andrea Peck                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Anonymous                      Desert Southwest                   Laity
Andrea Whitmore                Missouri                           Laity
Andrew David                   Central Texas                      Laity
Andrew Davis                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Andrew Gladstone-Highland      Detroit                            Laity
Andrew Stanton-Nurse           Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Andrew Woten                   Virginia                           Laity
Andy Belcher                   Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Rev. Andy Call                 East Ohio                          Clergy
Andy Millman                   Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Andy Oliver                    Florida                            Clergy
Angela Fritzsch-Eklund         Missouri                           Laity
Angela Heesacker               Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Angie Cox                      West Ohio                          Laity
Anita Coulthard                Holston                            Laity
Ann Bateman                    Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Ann Brown                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Ann Burke                      California-Pacific                 Laity
Ann Craig                      New York                           Laity UMC/Clergy FAM
Ann Eachus                     Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Ann Hunt                       Great Plains                       Clergy
Ann Lantz                      Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Ann LeBouef                    Tennessee                          Laity
Ann Lee                        Northern Illinois                  Laity
Ann Locasio                    Rio Texas                          Clergy
Ann Quilter                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Ann Spates                     Central Texas                      Laity
Ann Teich                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Ann Trousdale                  Louisiana                          Clergy
Anna Bierer                    Wisconsin                          Laity
Anna Blaedel                   Iowa                               Clergy
Anna Voinovich                 Northern Illinois                  Laity
Anne Broyles                   California-Pacific                 Clergy
Anne Colby                     California-Nevada                  Laity
Anne Lewis                     Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Anne Macaluso                  South Carolina                     Laity
Anne Mund                         Rio Texas                       Laity
Anne Queen                     Arkansas                           Laity
Anne Rice                      California-Pacific                 Laity
Anne Torrance-Bachmann         New England                        Clergy
Annette Parde-Maass            Great Plains                       Laity
Anonymous                      Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Anthony Fatta                  California-Nevada                  Clergy
Anthony Stauder                Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
April McNeely                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Ardis Letey                    Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Arlene Williamson              California-Nevada                  Laity
Anonymous                      Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Arthur Dan Gleckler            Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Arthur Holland                 Western North Carolina             Clergy
Arthur McLean                  New York                           Laity
Ashton Rogers                  South Carolina                     Laity
Audrey Krumbach                North Georgia                      Laity
Austin Hardin                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Babs Eggleston                 Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Barb J Lemasters               Unknown                            Unknown
Barbara Agonia                 Desert Southwest                   Laity
Barbara Bash                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Barbara Bellus                 Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy-Retired
Barbara Dale                   Iowa                               Laity
Barbara Day Miller             North Georgia                      Clergy
Barbara Duehn                  Central Texas                      Laity
Anonymous                      Rio Texas                          Clergy
Anonymous                      Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Barbara Goodman                Dakotas                            Laity
Anonymous                      North Alabama                      Clergy-Retired
Barbara Jo Mullis              South Carolina                     Laity
Barbara Larcom                 Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Barbara Lee                    North Alabama                      Laity
Barbara McGrath                Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Anonymous                      Rio Texas                          Clergy
Barbara Schubert               Northern Illinois                  Laity
Barbara Shelly                 Missouri                           Laity
Barbara Snell                  Tennessee                          Diaconal Minister
Barbara Spencer                Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Anonymous                      Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Barbara Ward                   New England                        Laity
Barry Wenger                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Bartholda Manderville          Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Rev. Becca Shields             Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Becky Collins                  New England                        Laity
Becky French                   Texas                              Laity
Becky Shipp                    Kentucky                           Laity
Becky Williams                 Arkansas                           Laity
Anonymous                      Western North Carolina             Clergy
Ben Hadley-Goggin              Virginia                           Clergy
Ben Lee                        Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
Ben Roberts                    North Carolina                     Clergy
Ben Roe                        Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Anonymous                      Florida                            Laity
Benny Allcorn                  Central Texas                      Clergy
Anonymous                      South Georgia                      Clergy
Bert Morris                    Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Beth Feith                     Memphis                            Laity
Beth Galbreath                 Northern Illinois                  Deacon
Beth Snyder                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Rev. Beth Tatum                Rio Texas                          Clergy
Beth Valdez                    Northern Illinois                  Laity
Bethany McMillan               Wisconsin                          Laity
Betsy Pilmer                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Betty Kobata                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Betty Likis                    North Alabama                      Laity
Betty Miller                   East Ohio                          Laity
Betty Pagett                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Betty Sayner                   Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Beverly Cosimano               Upper New York                     Laity
Beverly Gaska                  Western North Carolina             Clergy
Beverly Hume                   West Ohio                          Clergy
Beverly Job                    Tennessee                          Laity
Beverly Kester                 Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Bill Casto                     West Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Bill Daylong                   Iowa                               Clergy
Bill Groth                     California-Nevada                  Laity
Bill Haggard                   Western North Carolina             Laity
Bill Hays                      Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Bill Mefford                   Virginia                           Laity
Bill Taylor                    Texas                              Clergy
Rev. Billy Hester              South Georgia                      Clergy
Rev. B.J. Birkhahn-Rommelfanger Northern Illinois                 Clergy
Blair Barbour                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Blair Bassham                  North Alabama                      Laity
Anonymous                      South Carolina                     Laity
Bob Ellis                      Rocky Mountain                     Clergy-Retired
Bob Parsons                    Rio Texas                          Clergy-Retired
Bobbie McArdle                 Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Bobbie Mustapha                Indiana                            Laity
Bonnie Blue Crouse             Western North Carolina             Laity
Bonnie Garcia                  Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Bonnie Gouchoe                 Florida                            Laity
Bonnie Johansen-Werner         Northern Illinois                  Laity
Bonnie Kraxberger              Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Bonnie Philipson               Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Bonnie Totten Adkins           New England                        Laity
Bonny Roth                     Northern Illinois                  Deacon
Bradley Laurvick               Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Brady Beard                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Brenda Smith                   North Texas                        Laity
Brenda Vaca                    California-Nevada                  Clergy
Brenda Wills                   Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Brent Criswell                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Brian Johns                    Great Plains                       Laity
Brian Montgomery               West Ohio                          Certified Lay Minister
Bridget Cabrera                New York                           Laity
Britt Cox                      Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Brittany Isaac                 Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Anonymous                      Oklahoma                           Laity
Brooke Conklin                 Upper New York                     Laity
Bruce Baraw                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Bruce Handy                    Western North Carolina             Clergy
Bruce Lamb                     New York                           Candidate for Ministry
Bruce Sherman                  Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Bruce Webster                  Upper New York                     Clergy
Bryan Babcock                  West Ohio                          Laity
Bunnie Bryant                  Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
C. Earle Lewis                 Rio Texas                          Clergy
Bishop C. Joseph Sprague       Council of Bishops                 Bishop - Retired
C. Kristian Clause             Minnesota                          Laity
Bishop Cal McConnell             Council of Bishops               Bishop - Retired
Callie-Sue McMahon             New England                        Laity
Cam Carte                      Virginia                           Part-Time Local Pastor
Candace Goldman                California-Nevada                  Laity
Candace Grose                  South Carolina                     Laity
Anonymous                      Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Candace Reid                   West Ohio                          Laity
Carese Parker                  Tennessee                          Laity
Carl Gilmore                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Carl Johnson                   Central Texas                      Laity
Carl Sansoucy                  Florida                            Laity
Carmel Edwards                 California-Pacific                 Laity
Carol Alice Edman              Illinois Great Rivers              Clergy-Retired
Carol Beaty                    Great Plains                       Laity
Carol Brady                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Carol Christensen              Iowa                               Laity
Carol Duling                   Minnesota                          Laity
Carol Edwards                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Carol Hipps                    Minnesota                          Laity
Carol Hill                     Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Carol LaCroix                  Great Plains                       Laity
Carol Lutes                    Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Carol McClellan                Great Plains                       Laity
Carol McPherson                Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Carol Peck                     West Virginia                      Laity
Carol Van Buskirk              California-Pacific                 Clergy
Carol Waymack                  Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Carol Windrum                  Great Plains                       Laity
Carol Wingeier                 Western North Carolina             Laity
Carol West                     Virginia                           Laity
Carole Boulden                 Arkansas                           Laity
Carole Tang                    New York                           Laity
Caroline Jones                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt      New York                           Laity
Carolyn Newsome                Virginia                           Laity
Carolyn Pennington             Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Carolyn Scarr                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Carolyn Thompson               Texas                              Laity
Carolyn Williams               Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Cassidhe Hart                  Indiana                            Certified Candidate 
Cassondra Hackett              Great Plains                       Laity
Catherine Billie               Yellowstone                        Laity
Catherine Emmett               Florida                            Laity
Catherine Jorgensen            South Georgia                      Laity
Cathy Tolman                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Cedrick Bridgeforth            California-Pacific                 Clergy
Chad Ewing                     Northwest Texas                    Laity
Chad Grimm                     Upper New York                     Laity
Charlene Thomason              California-Nevada                  Laity
Charlene Zuill                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Rev. Dr. Charles Alkula        Yellowstone                        Clergy
Charles Berdel                 Indiana                            Laity
Charles Daly                   North Carolina                     Clergy
Anonymous                      West Ohio                          Clergy
Charles Freeman                Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Charles Kiker                  Northwest Texas                    Laity
Charles Loeffler               Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Charles Michelson              Florida                            Laity
Charles McNatt                 East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Charles Neal                   Holston                            Clergy
Charles Parker                 Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Charles Root                   Susquehanna                        Laity
Charles Stephens               Rio Texas                          Clergy
Charles Tobias                 East Ohio                          Clergy
Charlotte Butcher              California-Nevada                  Laity
Charlotte Hendee               Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Charlotte Miller               Missouri                           Laity
Chelsea Simon                  California-Pacific                 Candidate for Ministry
Cheri Kneifel                  Great Plains                       Laity
Cherl Harrell                  North Texas                        Laity
Cheryl Courtney                California-Pacific                 Laity
Cheryl Miller                  Minnesota                          Laity
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Laity
Chett Pritchett                Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Chlele Gummer                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Chris Cole                     North Alabama                      Laity
Christian Coon                 Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Christie Brewster              Detroit                            Laity
Christina Cavener              North Texas                        Laity
Christina Ludewig              Great Plains                       Laity
Christina Wright               West Michigan                      Clergy
Christine Baxter               Upper New York                     Certified Candidate
Anonymous                      Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Christopher Eshelman           Great Plains                       Clergy
Christopher Finnegan           West Ohio                          Laity
Pastor Chuck Forbes            Upper New York                     Licensed Local Pastor
Chuck Stephens                 Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Anonymous                      Tennessee                          Laity
Cindy Altimus                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Cindy Karges                   Great Plains                       Clergy
Cindy McSpadden                North Texas                        Laity
Cindy Smith                    Upper New York                     Laity
Claudia Fife                   Yellowstone                        Laity
Claudia Genung                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Claudia Norby                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Claudia Roberts                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Clayton Berling                California-Nevada                  Laity
Clayton Ferguson               Tennessee                          Laity
Cody Natland                   Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Colleen Caldwell               Arkansas                           Laity
Colleen Chun                   California-Pacific                 Clergy-Retired
Colleen Kruger                 New York                           Laity
Colleen McClain                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Colleen Preuninger             Upper New York                     Clergy
Columbus Walden                North Georgia                      Clergy
Connie Marshall                North Texas                        Laity
Connie Ziegler                 Wisconsin                          Lay Servant
Corey Turnpenny                Upper New York                     Clergy
Craig Mosher                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Craig Rutherford               Northwest Texas                    Laity
Cynthia Fisher                 Florida                            Laity
Anonymous                      California-Pacific                 Clergy
Cynthia Johnson                Rio Texas                          Deaconess
Cynthia Kent                   Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Cynthia Meyer                  Great Plains                       Clergy
Cynthia Tuell                  California-Pacific                 Laity
D Gagne                        Upper New York                     Clergy
Dale Lature                    Nashville                          Laity
Dale Merkle                    North Georgia                      Laity
Dalila Cruz                    Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Dan Bottorff                   Greater New Jersey                 Clergy-Retired
Dan Cornett                    Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Dan Damon                      California-Nevada                  Clergy
Dan Gerhard                    Pacific Northwest                  Clergy-Retired
Anonymous                      California-Nevada                  Laity
Dan Vinson-Davis               Arkansas                           Laity
Dana Getz                      Missouri                           Laity
Danae Dotolo                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Daniel Benedict                California-Pacific                 Clergy-Retired
Daniel Fletcher                Oklahoma                           Clergy
Daniel Luther                  Tennessee                          Laity
Daniel Sagramoso               Desert Southwest                   Laity
Anonymous                      North Georgia                      Laity
Darla Schutten                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Darlene DiDomineck             Eastern Pennsylvania               Deaconess
Darrell Van Woert              Iowa                               Laity
Darryl Stephens                Texas                              Clergy
Rev. Dave Bean                 Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Dave Daniels                   Tennessee                          Lay Servant
Dave England                   Great Plains                       Laity
David Berdeaux                 North Alabama                      Laity
David Czeisel                  New York                           Clergy
David Doyle                    New York                           Laity
David Dunaway                  Texas                              Laity
David K Focht                  Minnesota                          Laity
David Hindman                  Virginia                           Clergy
David Jackson                  East Ohio                          Laity
David Jerde                    Minnesota                          Laity
David King                     Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
David Lull                     New York                           Clergy-Retired
David Lundquist                West Michigan                      Laity
David E. McIntyre              Tennessee                          Clergy-Retired
David Marckini                 Detroit                            Laity
David Miller                   Kentucky                           Clergy
David Meredith                 West Ohio                          Clergy
David Perry                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
David Schmidt                  Northern Illinois                  Clergy
David Scudder                  Arkansas                           Laity
David Smith                    Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
David Smith                    Upper New York                     Clergy
David Towle                    Wisconsin                          Laity
David Williams                 Tennessee                          Laity
David Whitlock                 Upper New York                     Laity
Davis Covin                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Dawn Helton-Anishinaabeqwa     Wisconsin                          Clergy
Dawn Maffetone                 Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
Dawnne Woodie                  Yellowstone                        Laity
Dean De Ridder                 West Michigan                      Laity
Dean Francis                   Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Deana Henry                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Deb Kuehl                      Wisconsin                          Laity
Debbie Gibbons                 East Ohio                          Laity
Debbie Mallis                  Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Deborah Bratcher               Northwest Texas                    Laity
Deborah Clarke                 North Carolina                     Laity
Deborah Gudger                 Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Deborah Husted                 West Ohio                          Laity
Deborah Mabry-Strong           Great Plains                       Laity
Deborah Maria                  Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Deborah Norris                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Deborah Stevens                West Ohio                          Clergy
Deborah Venator                New England                        Laity
Deborah Weatherspoon           California-Nevada                  Clergy
Debra Coe                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Debra De Vos                   Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
Debra Fambro                   North Georgia                      Laity
Debra Romberger                Great Plains                       Laity
Debra Rosman-Webber            Great Plains                       Laity
Debra Waltz-Reasonover         Texas                              Laity
Debra Warmington               Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Dee Poujade                    Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Deen Thompson                  Tennessee                          Laity
Denise Burgess                 West Ohio                          Laity
Denise Rogondino               Great Plains                       Laity
Dennis Dailey                  Great Plains                       Laity
Dennis Hughes                  Tennessee                          Laity
Dennis Winkleblack             New York                           Clergy
Derek Benjamin                 Missouri                           Laity
Diana Hagewood Smith           Missouri                           Clergy
Diana Pearce                   Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Diane Jensen                   Great Plains                       Laity
Diane Kenaston                 West Virginia                      Clergy
Rev. Dianne Marsden            Western North Carolina             Clergy
Anonymous                      East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Diane Mettam                   California-Pacific                 Clergy
Diane Quantic                  Great Plains                       Laity
Diane Whitlock                 Indiana                            Laity
Diane Wilson                   Desert Southwest                   Laity
Dianne McLaren-Brighton        Detroit                            Laity
Dianne Morrison                West Michigan                      Local Pastor
Dianne Roe                     Upper New York                     Laity
Dianne Tobey Covault           East Ohio                          Clergy
Dick Strader                   West Michigan                      Laity
Dillon Shipman                 East Ohio                          Laity
Dionne Marquit                 Upper New York                     Clergy
Dixie Fulp                     Rio Texas                          Laity
Don Williams                   West Michigan                      Laity
Donald Bowsher                 Memphis                            Laity
Donald Bredthauer              Great Plains                       Clergy-Retired
Donald Hayashi                 West Ohio                          Laity
Donald Hegeman                 New England                        Clergy
Anonymous                      East Ohio                          Clergy
Donald Noren                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Donna Aros                     Kentucky                           Clergy
Donna Fisher                   North Georgia                      Laity
Donna M. McNeil                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Donna Wiles                    Texas                              Laity
Doris Evans                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Doris Morris                   Desert Southwest                   Laity
Dorothy Caldwell               New York                           Clergy
Dorothy Harp                   Texas                              Laity
Dorothy Phelps                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Dorothy P. Wonder              California-Nevada                  Laity
Doug Albertson                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Doug Palmer                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Doug Wingeier                  Western North Carolina             Clergy
Douglas Mackey                 Upper New York                     Clergy
Douglas Monroe                 California-Nevada                  Clergy-Retired
Drew Weinbrenner               Florida                            Laity
Duane Kidwell                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Dustin Coplan                  Central Texas                      Laity
Rev. E. Tracy Hunter           Florida                            Clergy
Earl Smith                     Upper New York                     Clergy
Anonymous                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Ed Armstrong                   Texas                              Laity
Ed McClain                     South Carolina                     Laity
Eda Montgomery                 Central Texas                      Laity
Edith Ruby                     Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Edward Dieden                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Edward R Hoar                  East Ohio                          Laity
Edward Miner                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Edwin DuBose                   Minnesota                          Appointed Clergy-OD
Edwin Rowe                     Detroit                            Clergy
Eileen Doyle                   New York                           Laity
Elaine Gragg                   Oklahoma                           Laity
Elaine Schmit Jongbloed        Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Elaine Shelby                  Minnesota                          Clergy
Elaine Talbott                 Mississippi                        Laity
Eldon Gray                     Great Plains                       Laity
Eleanor Shimkin-Sorock         Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Eliza Rubenstein               California-Pacific                 Laity
Elizabeth Barnum               Minnesota                          Laity
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Laity
Elizabeth Braddon              New York                           Clergy
Elizabeth Brandt               Indiana                            Laity
Elizabeth Conklin              Upper New York                     Laity
Elizabeth Escamilla            Rio Texas                          Laity
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Laity
Elizabeth Fimbres              Desert Southwest                   Laity
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew       Minnesota                          Laity
Rev Elizabeth Jones            New York                           Clergy
Elizabeth Macaulay             Minnesota                          Clergy
Eizabeth Nielsen               Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Elizabeth Reid                 Minnesota                          Laity
Elizabeth S. Klein             New York                           Clergy
Elizabeth Thompson             California-Pacific                 Laity
Elke Sharma                    Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Ellen Bachman                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Ellen Brubaker                 West Michigan                      Clergy
Eloise Cranke                  Iowa                               Laity
Elsie Vega                     Iowa                               Laity
Elyse Ambrose Minson           New York                           Certified Candidate
Elyse Connors                  West Michigan                      Laity
Emerson Mitchell               California-Nevada                  Laity
Emily Allen                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Emily Dahnert                  Virginia                           Laity
Emily Harper                   Tennessee                          Laity
Emily Haussmann                Susquehanna                        Laity
Emily Pickens-Jones            California-Nevada                  Clergy
Emma Donohew                   Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Eric Brown                     Oklahoma                           Laity
Eric Folkerth                  North Texas                        Clergy
Eric Lind                      New England                        Laity
Eric Markinson                 North Texas                        Laity
Eric Small                     West Virginia                      Laity
Eric Stone                     Detroit                            Clergy
Eric Strader                   Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Eric Swanson                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Erika Hodges                   North Alabama                      Laity
Erin Grachek                   Great Plains                       Laity
Erin Huddleston                Virginia                           Laity
Esther Megill                  Western North Carolina             Deaconess
Eugene Brundige                West Ohio                          Clergy
Eugene Hileman                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Eugene F Kester                Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Eva Herschbach-Martin          California-Nevada                  Clergy-Retired
Evelyn Glass                   North Texas                        Laity
Evelyn Knight                  North Carolina                     Laity
Rev Dr Evy McDonald            New York                           Clergy
F. Carlene Reuscher            California-Pacific                 Laity
Faith Buss                     Minnesota                          Laity
Faith Geer                     Western Pennsylvania               Laity
Fay Brown                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Floyd Castro                   Philippines                        Laity
Forbes Hubbard                 Holston                            Laity
Fran Stanley                   South Georgia                      Laity
Fran Zupan                     South Carolina                     Laity
Frances McElvaney              North Texas                        Laity
Frances Moore                  Great Plains                       Laity
Frances Wilkins                Virginia                           Laity
Frank Schaefer                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Frank Staggs                   Texas                              Laity
Frank Treadway                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Frank Wulf                     California-Pacific                 Clergy
Fred Albrecht                  Upper New York                     Clergy
Fred Berchtold                 Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Fred Kandeler                  Central Texas                      Clergy
Fred Richart                   Great Plains                       Laity
Gail Brooks                    Arkansas                           Clergy
Gail Nickel                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Gary Doupe                     Upper New York                     Clergy-Retired
Gary Metcalf                   Missouri                           Laity
Gary Norris                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Gary Robinson                  New England                        Laity
Gary Shephard                  Central Texas                      Laity
Gayle Tabor                    North Carolina                     Laity
Gene Dixon                     Great Plains                       Laity
George Bender                  East Ohio                          Clergy
George Engelhardt              New York                           Clergy-Retired
George Kahl                    Baltimore-Washington               Laity
George Klohck                  New England                        Clergy
George Pidot                   North Carolina                     Laity
George Jonte-Crane             Detroit                            Laity
George Potter                  Florida                            Supply Pastor
George Ryerson                 West Ohio                          Laity
George Shuler                  Great Plains                       Laity
Georgia Stevens                Great Plains                       Laity
Gerald Chambers                Tennessee                          Laity
Gerald Meis                    Great Plains                       Laity
Gerald Waltz                   Texas                              Laity
Gheeta Smith                   Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Gina Boonshoft                 New York                           Laity
Ginny Vreeland                 New England                        Laity
Giselle Lawn                   North Georgia                      Laity
Glenn Bosley-Mitchell          Florida                            Clergy
Glenn Luhrs                    Rio Texas                          Certified Candidate
Gloria Feliciano               Northern Illinois                  Laity
Glynden Bode                   Texas                              Clergy
Gordon Perrott                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Anonymous                      Upper New York                     Laity
Bishop Grant Hagiya            Pacific Northwest                  Bishop
Grant Swanson                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Greg Gray                      New England                        Laity
Greg Nelson                    Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Greg Rittenhouse               Indiana                            Clergy
Gregory Dell                   Northern Illinois                  Clergy-Retired
Gretchen Heth                  Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Gretchen Marsden               Western North Carolina             Laity
Guy D'Angelo                   New York                           Laity
Guy Marsh                      Tennessee                          Laity
Gwen Kimball                   Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Hannah Holtgeerts              Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Hannah McGinley                Tennessee                          Laity
Hannah Thome                   East Ohio                          Laity
Harold Behr                    Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Harold Christensen             Dakotas                            Laity
Harold Hughes                  Arkansas                           Laity
Rev. Harold Vink               New York                           Clergy
Harriet Ziegler                Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Hattie Koher                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Hazel Rice                     California-Nevada                  Laity
Heather Flaherty               North Georgia                      Clergy
Heather Kramer                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Heather Smith                  Upper New York                     Laity
Heather Tucker                 Arkansas                           Laity
Heidi Vance                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Helen Andrew                   New York                           Laity
Helene Slessarev-Jamir         California-Pacific                 Laity
Rev. Dr. Hermon Darden         New York                           Clergy
Holly Helton-Anishinaabeqwa    Wisconsin                          Laity
Anonymous                      Dakotas                            Clergy
Howard Sanders Jr              California-Nevada                  Laity
Howard Yeager                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Hugh Mackintosh                Iowa                               Certified Lay Minister
Hunter Mabry                   Virginia                           Clergy
Ian Boley                      West Michigan                      Certified Candidate
Ian Urriola                    Upper New York                     Laity
Ieva Zadina                    New York                           Clergy-Retired
Inday Day                      New York                           Laity
Isaac Garrigues-Cortelyou      Detroit                            Laity
Israel Alvaran                 Philippines                        Clergy
Iva Sue Luttrell               Great Plains                       Laity
Ivan Boothe                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
J Ann B Fields                 Rio Texas                          Clergy
J. D. Allen                    North Texas                        Clergy
J. Ronald Bogart               Northern Illinois                  Clergy-Retired
J. Sunshine Cowan              Oklahoma                           Laity
Jacey Johnson                  Susquehanna                        Candidate for Ministry
Jack Fithian                   Minnesota                          Laity
Jack Ryder                     Northern Illinois                  Laity
Jack Seymour                   Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Jackie Bridges                 Florida                            Laity
Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj       New York                           Clergy
Jacqui Russell                 Texas                              Laity
Jacqui Zeng                    Northern Illinois                  Laity
Jade Dell                      Northern Illinois                  Laity
Jaime Spaid                    Minnesota                          Laity
Jake Ohlemiller                Indiana                            Clergy
James Batten                   New England                        Clergy
Rev. James E Brooking          California-Pacific                 Clergy
James Dietrich                 Wisconsin                          Laity
James Ellison                  East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
James Lane                     South Carolina                     Laity
James Langworthy               Baltimore-Washington               Laity
James Lesch                    Upper New York                     Clergy
James McIntire                 Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
James Mellon                   Greater New Jersey                 Laity
James Morgan                   South Carolina                     Clergy
James Preston                  Northern Illinois                  Clergy
James Quinn                    Baltimore-Washington               Laity
James Ritchie                  Western Pennsylvania               Clergy-Retired
James Waugh                    West Ohio                          Clergy
James West                     Missouri                           Clergy
Jamie Hill                     Holston                            Laity
Jamie Justus                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Jamie McLennan                 Great Plains                       Clergy
Jamie Michaels                 California-Nevada                  Clergy
Jan Dawes                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Jan Hensley-Olson              Northern Illinois                  Laity
Jan Lawrence                   Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Jan Nelson                     Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Jan Thornton-Irvine            North Carolina                     Clergy-Retired
Jan Yandell                    East Ohio                          Clergy
Jana Kattenhorn                California-Nevada                  Laity
Jana Pope                      North Texas                        Laity
Jane Bond                      Oklahoma                           Laity
Jane Emmons                    New England                        Laity
Jane Hogan                     Missouri                           Laity
Jane Sinner                    North Georgia                      Laity
Jane Soder                     Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Jane Stricklin                 Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Jane Vink                      New York                           Laity
Janelle Armstrong              Texas                              Laity
Janelle Criner                 West Ohio                          Laity
Janelle Larson                 Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Janet Bernhard                 Florida                            Laity
Janet Challender               Great Plains                       Laity
Janet Claassen                 Great Plains                       Laity
Janet Dixon                    Great Plains                       Laity
Janet Farrell                  Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy-Retired
Janet Gollery McKeithen        California-Pacific                 Clergy
Janet Hoyland                  Missouri                           Clergy-Retired
Anonymous                      Mississippi                        Laity
Janet Ping                     Texas                              Laity
Janet Rhind                    Great Plains                       Clergy-Retired
Janet Thornton-Irvine          North Carolina                     Clergy
Janet Whitney                  East Ohio                          Laity
Janice Curry                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Janice Hollinger               West Ohio                          Laity
Janice Kidd                    Minnesota                          Laity
Janice Miller                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Janie Harrison                 Arkansas                           Clergy
Janie Stevenson                Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Janine DeLaunay                Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Janine M. Watkins              Oregon/Idaho                       Deacon
Janis McCurley                 Missouri                           Laity
Anonymous                      Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Jared Gadomski Littleton       East Ohio                          Clergy
Jared Ginsburg                 Western North Carolina             Candidate for Ministry
Jarell Wilson                  Rio Texas                          Candidate for Ministry
Jason Hardman                  North Georgia                      Laity
Jason Kalis                    West Michigan                      Laity
Jason Kennard-Martin           Oklahoma                           Laity
Jason Morris                   Indiana                            Clergy
Jason Redick                   North Texas                        Laity
Jason Takagi                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Javier Viera                   New York                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Laity
Jayne S. Smith                 Western North Carolina             Laity
Jayson Dobney                  New York                           Laity
Jean E. Whalen                 Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Jean Ewing                     Louisiana                          Laity
Jean Flood                     Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Jean Gustafson                 Upper New York                     Laity
Jean Reynolds                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Jeanette Grenz                 Great Plains                       Laity
Jeanette Leete                 Minnesota                          Laity
Jeanne Hoeft                   Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Jeanne Knepper                 Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy-Retired
Jeanne Roe Smith               California-Pacific                 Deaconess
Jeanne Rozman                  Mississippi                        Laity
Jeannie Himes                  Oklahoma                           Clergy
Jeannine Reynolds              Desert Southwest                   Deaconess
Jeff Adams                     Great Plains                       Clergy
Jeff Campbell                  Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
Jeff Edwards                   Wisconsin                          Laity
Jeff Waymack                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Jeff Wells                     New York                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Western Pennsylvania               Clergy
Jeffrey Smith                  Central Texas                      Clergy
Jeffrey Sterling               Western Pennsylvania               Clergy
Jeffrey Sturgeon               Rio Texas                          Laity
Jeni Markham Clewell           Oklahoma                           Clergy
Jenifer Owens                  West Ohio                          Laity
Jennifer Anderson              Dakotas                            Clergy
Jennifer Eller                 Virginia                           Laity
Jennifer Gutierrez             California-Pacific                 Clergy
Jennifer McCoy                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Jennifer McDermott             California-Pacific                 Laity
Jennifer Mihok                 New England                        Laity
Jennifer Murdock               California-Nevada                  Clergy
Jennifer Score                 Virginia                           Laity
Jennifer Weyenberg             California-Pacific                 Laity
Jennifer Whatley               Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Jenny Fairchild                Virginia                           Laity
Jenny Phillips                 Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Jeremy Smith                   Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Jeri Silfies                   Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Jerry Roberson                 Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Jessica Houk                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Anonymous                      Virginia                           Laity
Jessica Thurston               Upper New York                     Laity
Jessie Cummins                 Iowa                               Laity
Jill Barker                    Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Jill Berquist                  Florida                            Laity
Jill Easton                    Minnesota                          Laity
Anonymous                      Iowa                               Clergy
Jill Warren                    Detroit                            Laity
Anonymous                      Indiana                            Candidate for Ministry
Jillian Jones                  Western Pennsylvania               Lay Servant
Jim Balfour                    Detroit                            Clergy-Retired
Jim Coble                      North Carolina                     Laity
Jim Dale                       Iowa                               Clergy
Jim Gragg                      Oklahoma                           Clergy
Jim Hare                       Tennessee                          Laity
Jim Larson                     Minnesota                          Laity
Jim LeVally                    West Ohio                          Laity
Jim Parr Philipson             Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Jim Pritchett                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Jim Searls                     West Michigan                      Laity
Jim Stephens                   Great Plains                       Laity
Jim Sutton                     Alaska                             Laity
Jim Wilborne                   Western North Carolina             Laity
Jim Wiltbank                   Desert Southwest                   Clergy
Jimmie Sue Francis             Rio Texas                          Laity
Jimmy Alan Hall                Rio Texas                          Laity
Jimmy Creech                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Jo Ann Lawson                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Joan Dressen                   Minnesota                          Laity
Joan Foster                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Joan Pascarella                Upper New York                     Laity
JoAnn Carlotto                 New England                        Laity
JoAnn Cooper                   Great Plains                       Laity
Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown  Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Joanne Gillis                  East Ohio                          Laity
Joe Agne                       New York                           Clergy
Bishop Joe A. Wilson           Council of Bishops                 Bishop - Retired
Joe Miller                     Texas                              Clergy
Joe Openshaw                   North Alabama                      Laity
Joel Egger                     Great Plains                       Laity
Joel Holcomb                   Upper New York                     Laity
Joey Heath                     Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
John Adcox                     North Georgia                      Laity
John Astle                     North Texas                        Laity
John A Wright                  Rio Texas                          Clergy
John Beeson                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
John Buttrey                   West Michigan                      Laity
John Collins                   Desert Southwest                   Laity
John Crewe                     California-Pacific                 Laity
John D Copenhaver              Virginia                           Clergy
John Evans                     South Carolina                     Clergy
John Jones                     California-Pacific                 Laity
John Jurgensen                 Upper New York                     Laity
John Lewis                     Tennessee                          Laity
Anonymous                      Yellowstone                        Clergy
John Lipphardt                 West Virginia                      Clergy
John Lott                      North Alabama                      Laity
John McGrath                   Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
John McNeill                   Upper New York                     Clergy
John Oda                       California-Nevada                  Clergy
John Patterson                 Rio Texas                          Laity
John R. Huff Jr.               North Texas                        Laity
John Ross Thompson             West Michigan                      Clergy
John Schwiebert                Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
John Shaffer                   Pacific Northwest                  Clergy-Retired
John Zmolek                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Joleen Webb                    Great Plains                       Laity
Jonathan Brown                 North Georgia                      Laity
Jonathan Snape                 Tennessee                          Clergy
Joretta Marshall               Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Jorge Aros                     Kentucky                           Laity
Joseph Cousins                 Upper New York                     Laity
Joseph Kyser                   Missouri                           Laity
Joseph Lopez                   Western North Carolina             Laity
Joseph Russ                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Brownrigg   California-Nevada                  Clergy-Retired
Rev. Dr. Joseph Ranager        Mississippi                        Clergy
Joseph Rhymer                  Holston                            Laity
Bishop Joseph Yeakel           Council of Bishops                 Bishop
Joshua Gribbin                 Greater New Jersey                 Seminarian
Joshua Noblitt                 Western North Carolina             Clergy
Joshua Steward                 Iowa                               Clergy
Joy Butler                     Rio Texas                          Laity
Joy Johnson                    Great Plains                       Laity
Joy Parker                     East Ohio                          Laity
Rev. Joy Rikard Brown          North Georgia                      Clergy
Joy S Grimmett                 North Georgia                      Laity
Joy Watts                      East Ohio                          Laity
Joy Wilcox                     Susquehanna                        Laity
Joyce Alcober                  New York                           Laity
Joyce Reinke                   Minnesota                          Laity
Judi Hoffman                   Tennessee                          Clergy
Judi Price                     California-Nevada                  Laity
Judith Brotherton              Iowa                               Laity
Judith Chamberlin              California-Nevada                  Laity
Bishop Judith Craig            Council of Bishops                 Bishop
Judith Darak                   New York                           Laity
Judith Edson                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Judith Gehrig                  New England                        Local Pastor-Retired
Rev. Judith J. WestLee         Minnesota                          Clergy
Judith M Unger                 Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Judith O'Neil                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Judith Polson                  South Carolina                     Laity
Judith S. Loukides             New York                           Lay Servant
Judy Graves                    Texas                              Laity
Judy Grinwis                   Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Judy Hannah                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Judy Jerde                     Minnesota                          Laity
Judy Loehr                     Virginia                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Iowa                               Laity
Judy Shook                     California-Nevada                  Clergy
Julann Cobb                    New York                           Laity
Julia Clunn                    Upper New York                     Laity
Julia Frisbie                  Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Julie A. Arms Meeks            North Georgia                      Laity
Julie Carmean                  West Ohio                          Clergy
Julie Cates                    Great Plains                       Laity
Julie Fischer                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Julie Fuschak                  Central Texas                      Laity
Julie Smith                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Julie Spelman                  Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Julie Todd                     New England                        Clergy
Julie Wood                     Western North Carolina             Laity
Justin Hildebrandt             New England                        Clergy
Kandi Weider                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Kara Ammon                     New England                        Laity
Karalyn Colopy                 North Carolina                     Laity
Karen Ayers                    South Carolina                     Laity
Karen Bueno                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Karen Dorris                   Texas                              Clergy
Karen Eastburn                 North Texas                        Laity
Karen Ginoza                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Karen G Prudente               New York                           Laity
Karen Hernandez                Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Karen Humphrey                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Karen Jones                    Central Texas                      Laity
Karen Kaufmann                 Upper New York                     Laity
Karen McIntyre                 Tennessee                          Laity
Karen Monk                     New York                           Clergy
Karen Nelson                   Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto         California-Nevada                  Clergy
Karen Peters                   New England                        Clergy
Karen Peterson                 Upper New York                     Laity
Karen Roberts                  Tennessee                          Laity
Karen Wright                   Holston                            Laity
Anonymous                      Louisiana                          Clergy
Karin Ellis                    California-Pacific                 Clergy
Karin Jones                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Karl Cocke                     Oklahoma                           Laity
Karrel Stevens                 Oklahoma                           Laity
Karyn Talbot-Russ              East Ohio                          Laity
Kate McDermott                 California-Pacific                 Laity
Katharine Layton               Virginia                           Laity
Katharine Henry                California-Pacific                 Laity
Katherine Barnum Skura         Upper New York                     Laity
Katherine Best-Smith           California-Nevada                  Laity
Katherine King                 West Ohio                          Laity
Katherine McKalip              California-Pacific                 Laity
Katherine Thomas Paisley       Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Katherine Thon                 Upper New York                     Laity
Kathleen Cheyney               Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Kathleen Dieden                California-Nevada                  Laity
Kathleen Jones                 Rio Texas                          Clergy-Retired
Kathleen Meyerson              New England                        Laity
Kathleen Mitchell              Iowa                               Laity
Kathleen Tooker                Great Plains                       Laity
Kathleen Weber                 Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Kathryn Johnson                New England                        Clergy
Kathryn Nelson                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Kathryn Rose                   Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Kathryn Smith                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Kathryn Talley                 Virginia                           Clergy
Kathryn Tinghitella            New York                           Laity
Kathryn Tullos                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Kathy Barker                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Kathy Barrett                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Kathy Cooper Ledesma           California-Pacific                 Clergy
Kathy Dixon                    North Texas                        Laity
Kathy Handel                   South Carolina                     Laity
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Laity
Kathy Milch                    Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Kathy Smuk                     Detroit                            Laity
Kathy Wood                     Western North Carolina             Laity
Kati Strong Thompson           Rio Texas                          Laity
Katie Kreutter                 Upper New York                     Laity
Kay Barckley                   Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Kay Bolin                      California-Pacific                 Laity
Kay Jenkins                    Great Plains                       Laity
Kay Jones                      Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Kay Knowlton                   North Alabama                      Laity
Kay Ostensen                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Kay Verelius                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Kaye Aho                       Minnesota                          Laity
Keith Grim-Radonich            California-Pacific                 Laity
Keith Inouye                   California-Nevada                  Clergy
Rev. Dr. Keith Marsden         Western North Carolina             Clergy
Kelley Hook                    Northern Illinois                  Laity
Kelly Ausley-Flores            Rio Texas                          Laity
Kelly Dunn                     Minnesota                          Laity
Kelly Fowler                   Wisconsin                          Clergy
Kelly Karges                   Great Plains                       Clergy
Kelly Smith                    Western Pennsylvania               Clergy
Kelly Turney                   New England                        Clergy
Kellye Noret                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Kelvin Sauls                   California-Pacific                 Clergy
Ken Fankhauser                 Alaska                             Laity
Ken Rhea                       California-Pacific                 Laity
Kenan Kerr                     Western North Carolina             Laity
Kenn Speicher                  Virginia                           Laity
Kenneth Anderson               Western North Carolina             Licensed Local Pastor
Kenneth K. Grenz               Great Plains                       Clergy
Kenneth Hawes                  Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Kenneth Henry                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Kenneth Lane Williams          East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Kenneth Rood                   Great Plains                       Clergy
Kenneth Schoon                 West Ohio                          Certified Candidate
Kent Ping                      Texas                              Laity
Kerry Halligan                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Kevin Gralley                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Kevin Highfield                Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Kevin Jones                    California-Pacific                 Clergy
Kevin Nelson                   New England                        Home Missioner
Kevin Orr                      West Ohio                          Clergy
Kevin P. Garman                Rocky Mountain                     Candidate for Ministry
Kevin Young                    Northwest Texas                    Clergy
Kim Andeway                    Iowa                               Laity
Kim Chapman                    Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Kim Stuby                      Illinois Great Rivers              Clergy
Kimberly Bartman               Desert Southwest                   Laity
Kimberly Scott                 Desert Southwest                   Certified Candidate
Kris Meinhard                  Iowa                               Laity
Kris Timo                      California-Nevada                  Laity
Kristin Joyner                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Krystal Stroud                 North Texas                        Laity
Kurt Cooper                    Great Plains                       Deacon
Kwang Sung Lim                 Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Kylie Foley                    Florida                            Laity
L. Darrel Wrider               Iowa                               Clergy-Retired
Lance Wilhelm                  South Georgia                      Laity
Lark Kephart                   North Alabama                      Laity
LaRoy Seaver                   Great Plains                       Clergy
Larry Dunlap-Berg              Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Larry George                   California-Nevada                  Clergy
Larry Hoch                     Iowa                               Laity
Larry L Fox                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Larry Norman                   Louisiana                          Clergy
Rev. Dr. Larry M. Warren       Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Larry Peacock                  California-Pacific                 Clergy
Laura Braly                    Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Laura Burns                    Texas                              Laity
Laura Creekmore                Tennessee                          Laity
Laura Lai                      Pacific Northwest                  
Anonymous                      Texas                              Laity
Laura Markle Downton           Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Anonymous                      New Mexico                         Clergy
Laura Siegel                   Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Laura Singleton                Northwest Texas                    Laity
Anonymous                      Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Laura Young                    Texas                              Laity
Laura Young                    West Ohio                          Clergy
Laura Jean Marshall            Rio Texas                          Laity
Laura May Sorkin               North Texas                        Laity
Laurel Westover                Upper New York                     Clergy
Lauren Austin                  Virginia                           Laity
Lauren Chaffee                 California-Nevada                  Clergy
Laurie Edwards                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Laurie Hays Coffman            North Carolina                     Clergy
Laurie Johnston                Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Laurie McNeece                 Holston                            Laity
Laurie Swimm                   Wisconsin                          Laity
Anonymous                      South Carolina                     Laity
Lawrence Jensen                Great Plains                       Laity
Lea Mahan                      East Ohio                          Clergy
Anonymous                      Tennessee                          Laity
Lee Anne Venable               North Carolina                     Deaconess
LeEllen Haynes                 Great Plains                       Laity
Leigh Goodrich                 New England                        Clergy
Leigh Joseph                   New York                           Laity
Leigh Noblitt                  North Carolina                     Laity
Leila Hileman                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Leonard Kaplan                 Oklahoma                           Laity
Leonard Sjogren                Indiana                            Clergy
Les Chandler                   North Texas                        Laity
Leslie Helm                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Leslie Vachon                  New York                           Laity
Leslie Valentincic             Central Texas                      Laity
Leticia White                  Texas                              Laity
Lettie Lee                     Central Texas                      Laity
Liane McDonough                California-Pacific                 Laity
Libby Mathews-May              North Texas                        Laity
Lida Perfetto                  Upper New York                     Laity
Lillian Sheffield              North Alabama                      Clergy
Lillian Tharp                  Texas                              Laity
Lily Villamin                  California-Pacific                 Clergy
Linda Andrew-Marshall          California-Nevada                  Laity
Linda Ashton                   Oklahoma                           Laity
Linda Bales Todd               West Ohio                          Laity
Linda Carter                   West Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Linda Condit                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Linda Gehrls                   West Michigan                      Laity
Linda Grenfell                 New England                        Clergy
Linda Kastning                 Great Plains                       Laity
Linda Kerr                     Indiana                            Laity
Linda Kuruhara                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Linda Pitts                    North Texas                        Laity
Linda Thompson                 New York                           Laity
Linda Towles                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Anonymous                      Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Lis Ash                        Alabama-West Florida               Laity
Lisa Bender                    Susquehanna                        Laity
Lisa Hildebrand                Rio Texas                          Laity
Lisa Jean Hoefner              Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy-Retired
Lisa Kadowaki                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Anonymous                      West Virginia                      Laity
Lisa May                       Kentucky                           Clergy
Lisa Rogers                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Lisa Telomen                   Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Liz McDaniel                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Anonymous                      Zimbabwe East                      Clergy
Anonymous                      Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Lois McCullen Parr             Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Lora Ker                       Virginia                           Laity
Loraine Shimada                California-Pacific                 Laity
Loren Mullins                  Great Plains                       Clergy
Lori Borger                    Missouri                           Laity
Lori Deem                      Virginia                           Laity
Lori Funk                      Upper New York                     Laity
Lori Jeanne Peloquin           Upper New York                     Laity
Lori Staats                    Alaska                             Laity
Lorna Jost                     Dakotas                            Laity
Lorri Kentner                  Great Plains                       Clergy
Lorrin Radzik                  West Ohio                          Clergy
Louis Chase                    California-Pacific                 Clergy
Louise Dumas                   New England                        Clergy
Louise Kienzle                 Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Lourene Medlow                 Texas                              Laity
Lowen Kruse                    Great Plains                       Laity
Lucina Hallagan                Upper New York                     Laity
Lucy Porter                    New York                           Clergy
Luis Buktaw                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Luis F. Reinoso                North Carolina                     Clergy-Retired
Luis F. Reyes                  Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Lyda Eddington                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Lydia Munoz                    Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
Lyn Ellis                      West Ohio                          Laity
Lynn Allen                     Florida                            Laity
Lynn Long                      Western North Carolina             Laity
Lynn Miller                    Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Lynne Alley-Grant              Virginia                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Upper New York                     Clergy
Lynette Hendricks              North Texas                        Laity
Lynne Smith                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Lyssette Perez                 Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
M. Chris Lane                  West Michigan                      Clergy
M Franklin Dotts               Great Plains                       Clergy-Retired
M Jean Finlayson-Schueler      Upper New York                     Laity
M. Theresa Basile              California-Pacific                 Laity
MaAn Barcelo                   Baltimore-Washington               Clergy-Retired
Madeline Griffin               North Georgia                      Laity
Madonna Flanders               Holston                            Deacon
Maggie Holley                  Missouri                           Laity
Maggie Roe                     Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Malissa Burnette               South Carolina                     Laity
Marcia Burns                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Marcia Hauer                   Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy-Retired
Marcia Monnett                 Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Margaret Ann Crain             Northern Illinois                  Deacon
Margaret Forrester             Rio Texas                          Laity
Margaret Isaacson              Northern Illinois                  Laity
Margaret Jambard               Memphis                            Laity
Margaret Klohck                New England                        Laity
Margaret Kutz                  Virginia                           Clergy
Margaret Osborne               Virginia                           Lay Servant
Margaret Parish                Upper New York                     Laity
Anonymous                      California-Nevada                  Lay Speaker
Margaret Sheffield             New England                        Clergy
Marge Kumaki                   Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Marge Townsend                 East Ohio                          Laity
Margery Ambrosius              Great Plains                       Laity
Margery Mayer                  Tennessee                          Laity
Maria Ditman                   West Michigan                      Laity
Marian Opela                   Upper New York                     Laity
Marian Schreiber               Texas                              Laity
Anonymous                      Central Texas                      Laity
Marijo Cosmas                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Marilyn Belcher                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Marilyn Glasscock              Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Marilyn Roberts                North Georgia                      Clergy
Marilyn Stebbins               New England                        Laity
Marion Sachdeva                New York                           Laity
Maritta Watson                 Northwest Texas                    Laity
Marjorie Donnelly              Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Marjorie Pyner                 Iowa                               Laity
Marjorie Ruegger               Western North Carolina             Laity
Marjorie Stevens               Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Mark Ashton                    Oklahoma                           Laity
Mark Bowman                    Northern Illinois                  Laity
Mark Brooks                    Central Texas                      Laity
Mark Cox                       Indiana                            Laity
Mark Crist                     Great Plains                       Clergy
Mark Gruber-Lebowitz           Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Mark LaRocca-Pitts             North Georgia                      Clergy
Mark McRoberts                 Missouri                           Laity
Mark Miller                    Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Mark Morris                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Mark Pinney                    Upper New York                     Laity
Mark Richardson                California-Pacific                 Laity
Mark Schulze                   Great Plains                       Laity
Markita Darolyn Cooper         Florida                            Laity
Marta Ruggles                  North Texas                        Laity
Martha Allison                 Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Martha Bellinger               California-Pacific                 Laity
Martha Chapman                 New York                           Laity
Martha DiCicco                 Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Martha Fischer                 Upper New York                     Clergy-Retired
Martha Lundgren                Desert Southwest                   Laity
Martha Martinez                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Martha Parker                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Martha Ross                    Florida                            Laity
Martha Swords-Horrell          Upper New York                     Clergy
Martin Deppe                   Northern Illinois                  Clergy-Retired
Anonymous                      Florida                            Laity
Marty Gilbert                  Tennessee                          Laity
Marty Toepke-Floyd             Dakotas                            Clergy
Marty Vaughan                  Texas                              Laity
Mary Andersen                  Upper New York                     Laity
Mary De Ridder                 West Michigan                      Laity
Mary Driver-Downs              Virginia                           Laity
Mary Edwards                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Mary Elizabeth Moore           California-Pacific                 Deacon
Rev. Mary Ellen Glorioso       Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Mary Ellen Kilmer              Great Plains                       Laity
Mary Ellen Maxell              Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Mary Gladstone-Highland        Detroit                            Missionary
Mary Hankins                   Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Mary J Schroff                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Mary Jane Haight-Eckert        Upper New York                     Laity
Mary Jane Russell              Upper New York                     Laity
Mary Jo Marchant               Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Mary Kohli                     Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Mary Kraus                     Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Mary Larson                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Mary Latham                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Mary Lou Taylor                Wisconsin                          Laity
Mary Lynn Ragan Clunn          Upper New York                     Laity
Mary MacDonald                 Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Mary Rollings                  Western North Carolina             Laity
Mary Seaver                    Great Plains                       Laity
Mary Spurgeon                  Great Plains                       Laity
Mary Williams                  North Georgia                      Laity
MaryAnn Michel                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Marylee Fithian                Minnesota                          Clergy
MaryLou Russell                Rio Texas                          Laity
Matt Berryman                  Florida                            Laity
Matt Curry                     New York                           Clergy
Matt Seargeant                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Matthew Berry                  Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Matthew Homer                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Matthew Johnson                Western North Carolina             Laity
Matthew Kelley                 Tennessee                          Clergy
Matthew Pearson                California-Nevada                  Clergy
Matthew Walz                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Matthew Winkel                 Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Maureen Vetter                 Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Maurine Mckinley               North Carolina                     Laity
Maurla White                   Virginia                           Laity
Anonymous                      Central Texas                      Laity
Megan Cook                     East Ohio                          Laity
Megan Derthick                 East Ohio                          Laity
Megan Gibson                   East Ohio                          Laity
Megan Hale                     Central Texas                      Laity
Rev. Megan Stowe               Upper New York                     Clergy
Mel Hazlewood                  Rio Texas                          Clergy-Retired
Melanie Greengo                Iowa                               Clergy
Melinda Dodge                  California-Pacific                 Clergy
Melissa Boyer                  New York                           Clergy
Melissa Spence                 California-Pacific                 Certified Candidate 
Melody Webb                    Iowa                               Candidate for Ministry
Bishop Melvin Talbert          Council of Bishops                 Bishop - Retired
Melvin Woodworth               Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Melynne Rust                   Florida                            Clergy
Meredith Barrioz               South Carolina                     Laity
Merrie Bunt                    Northern Illinois                  Laity
Merrimon Hipps                 Minnesota                          Laity
Michael Cobb                   New York                           Laity
Michael Davis                  Great Plains                       Clergy
Michael Fitzgerald             Florida                            Laity
Michael Gilbertson             Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Michael Heaton                 Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Michael Johnson                Rio Texas                          Laity
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Clergy
Michael Rex                    West Ohio                          Laity
Anonymous                      Upper New York                     Laity
Anonymous                      Minnesota                          Laity
Michael Spencer                Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Michael Vaughan                North Georgia                      Laity
Michael Williams               Tennessee                          Clergy
Michaela Loeffler              Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Micheal Dickens                Texas                              Clergy
Michele Cole                   Upper New York                     Laity
Michele Holloway               Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Rev. Dr. Michele Ransier Shields    North Carolina                Clergy
Michele Vasquez                Alaska                             Laity
Michelle Dromgold-Sermen       Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Anonymous                      New York                           Clergy
Michelle Reed                  Great Plains                       Clergy
Michelle Roberts               West Michigan                      Laity
Michelle Ward                  Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Mike Cookman                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Mike Harper                    North Alabama                      Clergy-Retired
Mike Tupper                    West Michigan                      Clergy
Miles Olsen                    North Texas                        Laity
Milton Jordan                  Texas                              Clergy
Miriam Chapman                 Great Plains                       Laity
Anonymous                      Upper New York                     Laity
Mittie Quinn                   Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Molly Thomason                 Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Monica McAlister               Rio Texas                          Laity
Monique Shore                  Iowa                               Laity
Monte Marshall                 Rio Texas                          Clergy
Morgan Clark                   Louisiana                          Laity
Myron Talcott                  Wisconsin                          Clergy
N Eugene Brundige              West Ohio                          Clergy
Nadine Wiles                   Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Nanci Youngblood               Mississippi                        Laity
Nancy Akbari                   New England                        Laity
Nancy Allen                    New York                           Laity
Nancy Anderson                 New York                           Laity
Nancy Bradley                  Iowa                               Laity
Nancy Brown                    Great Plains                       Laity
Nancy Clark                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Nancy Coziahr                  Great Plains                       Laity
Nancy DeStefano                North Texas                        Clergy
Nancy Dorsey                   Great Plains                       Laity
Nancy Dunst                    West Virginia                      Laity
Nancy Feder                    California-Pacific                 Laity
Nancy Glades                   Minnesota                          Laity
Nancy Goyings                  California-Pacific                 Clergy-Retired
Nancy Hamaker                  Great Plains                       Laity
Nancy Hesselman Turner         Oregon/Idaho                       Lay Servant
Nancy Horstman                 West Michigan                      Laity
Nancy Jahnel                   Northern Illinois                  Laity
Nancy Kaesler                  Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Nancy Kollhoff                 Great Plains                       Clergy
Nancy Miller                   Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
Nancy Moehn                    Detroit                            Laity
Nancy Mossman                  Rio Texas                          Clergy
Nancy Orr                      California-Pacific                 Laity
Nancy Pauls                    Great Plains                       Clergy
Nancy L Phelan                 West Ohio                          Laity
Nancy Speer                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Nancy Taggart                  West Ohio                          Laity
Nancy Turner                   Florida                            Laity
Nancy Victorin-Vangerud        Minnesota                          Clergy
Nancy Webb                     Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Nanette de Andrade             North Carolina                     Clergy
Natalie Neugent                Central Texas                      Laity
Nathan Bledsoe                 Texas                              Clergy
Nathan Brasfield               Memphis                            Laity
Nathaniel Kralik               West Ohio                          Laity
Neil Huffman                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Nell Taylor                    East Ohio                          Laity
Nelson Price                   Upper New York                     Laity
Nicole Fee                     Great Plains                       Laity
Anonymous                      North Texas                        Laity
Niki Hysjulien                 Minnesota                          Laity
Nikki Busch                    Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Noriko Lao                     Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Norm Colbry                    Detroit                            Laity
Norma Graves                   Texas                              Laity
Norman Suggs                   Central Texas                      Clergy
Anonymous                      Oklahoma                           Clergy
Ole-Einar Andersen             Norway                             Laity
Otto Onasch                    New York                           Laity
Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng             Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Rev. Palmer Clark              New Mexico                         Clergy-Retired
Pam Dougherty                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Anonymous                      California-Nevada                  Clergy
Anonymous                      Oklahoma                           Laity
Pamela Buchholz                Detroit                            Clergy-Retired
Pamela Burns                   Upper New York                     Laity
Anonymous                      Upper New York                     Clergy
Pamela Curry                   North Texas                        Laity
Pamela Dountas                 North West Texas                   Certified Lay Minister
Pamela Hawkins                 Tennessee                          Clergy
Pamela Hudson                  North Carolina                     Clergy
Dr. Pamela R. Lightsey         Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Pamela Milam                   California-Nevada                  Laity
Pamela Serdar                  Minnesota                          Clergy
Pat Fuller                     Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Pat Schutz                     Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Anonymous                      East Ohio                          Laity
Patricia Bryant                Western North Carolina             Laity
Patricia D. Mail               Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Patricia Galloway              Missouri                           Laity
Patricia Hawkin                Northern Illinois                  Laity
Patricia Naumann               Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Patricia Shipley               Virginia                           Clergy
Patricia Suggs                 Western North Carolina             Clergy
Patsy Coffman                  West Michigan                      Laity
Anonymous                      Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Patti Charlton                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Patti Parker                   Memphis                            Laity
Paul Calkin                    Oklahoma                           Clergy
Paul Fleck                     New York                           Clergy
Paul Hancocks                  North Georgia                      Laity
Paul Hudson                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Paul Kinney                    Detroit                            Laity
Paul Morris                    North Georgia                      Clergy
Paul Newhouse                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Paul Shinkawa                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Paul Spencer Dawkins           North Texas                        Lay Servant
Paula Bitzer                   Illinois Great Rivers              Laity
Paula DelBonis-Platt           New England                        Laity
Paula Israel                   Central Texas                      Laity
Paula Kaiser                   North Carolina                     Laity
Paula Peterson                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Peggy A. Pierce                East Ohio                          Laity
Peggy Beckwith                 Upper New York                     Laity
Peggy Gaylord                  Upper New York                     Laity
Peggy Jeffries                 Missouri                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Tennessee                          Laity
Penny Stringfield              Upper New York                     Laity
Pepper Huffman                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Peter Huston                   Upper New York                     Laity
Peter Jabin                    Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Philip Carver                  Iowa                               Laity
Philip Newkirk                 Great Plains                       Laity
Phyllis Kerr                   Dakotas                            Laity
R. Kevin Seckel                Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Rachel Jacobs                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger   Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Rachel Hagewood                Tennessee                          Laity
Rachel Jennings                Rio Texas                          Laity
Rachel Keller                  Susquehanna                        Clergy
Rachel Ternes                  Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Rafael Garcia                  New York                           Clergy
Randy Harlow                   Virginia                           Clergy
Ranita Lilyhorn                Great Plains                       Laity
Ray Jacobson                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Ray Martin                     Virginia                           Laity
Ray West                       East Ohio                          Laity
Raymond Huey                   New York                           Certified Lay Servant
Raymond Kennedy                North Georgia                      Laity
Rebecca Caliendo               Great Plains                       Laity
Rebecca Davis                  Virginia                           Laity
Rebecca Foote                  Susquehanna                        Clergy
Rebecca Jean Brooks            Central Texas                      Laity
Rebecca Lucas                  Central Texas                      Laity
Rebecca Moore                  East Ohio                          Laity
Anonymous                      Nashville                          Laity
Rebecca Vardiman               Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Rebecca Williams               Arkansas                           Laity
Rebekah Weaver                 West Virginia                      Laity
Renee Burnette                 North Carolina                     Clergy
Renee Cornwell                 Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Renee Sappington               Mississippi                        Laity
Rex Wilkes                     Oklahoma                           Clergy
Rexanna Swanson                California-Pacific                 Laity
Rhoda Brooks                   Minnesota                          Laity
Rhonda Canale                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Anonymous                      West Ohio                          Laity
Rev. Dr Rich Cooper            New England                        Clergy
Rich Peck                      New York                           Clergy
Richard Bates                  Rio Texas                          Clergy
Richard Bentley                California-Pacific                 Clergy
Richard Best                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Richard Bolin                  California-Pacific                 Clergy
Richard Branch                 Alabama-West Florida               Clergy
Richard Cassidy                Western North Carolina             Laity
Richard Edwards                New York                           Clergy
Richard Ernst                  California-Nevada                  Clergy
Richard Francis                Rio Texas                          Laity
Richard Fuss                   Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Richard Glodo                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Richard Graves                 Texas                              Laity
Richard Hibbert                New England                        Clergy
Richard Lewis                  Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Richard Moman                  Indiana                            Clergy
Richard Peterson-Jones         California-Nevada                  Laity
Richard Reinke                 Minnesota                          Laity
Richard Severson               California-Nevada                  Laity
Richard Shives                 Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Rick Dorman                    Upper New York                     Laity
Rick Huskey MD                 Minnesota                          Laity
Rick Jost                      Dakotas                            Laity
Rick Mahrle                    Desert Southwest                   Laity
Rick Miller                    Indiana                            Clergy
Rev Dr Rick Schlosser          West Ohio                          Clergy
Rick Tate                      Texas                              Clergy
Rick Waters                    South Georgia                      Laity
Rita Carter                    Iowa                               Laity
Rob Gamble                     Minnesota                          Clergy
Anonymous                      North Carolina                     Seminarian
Rob Vaughn                     Virginia                           Clergy
Robbie Ausley                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Robert Anderson                Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Robert Anderson                Northern Illinois                  Laity
Robert Bergstrom               Desert Southwest                   Laity
Robert C Stewart               Rio Texas                          Laity
Anonymous                      Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
Robert Douds                   Susquehanna                        Laity
Robert Eastlake                Rio Texas                          Lay Servant
Rev. Robert Emerick            New York                           Clergy
Robert Granger                 New York                           Clergy
Robert Holm                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Robert Irvine                  North Carolina                     Deacon-Retired
Robert Jackson                 Florida                            Laity
Robert Lewis                   Tennessee                          Clergy-Retired
Robert Lewis                   Virginia                           Clergy
Robert Maddock                 Western Pennsylvania               Laity
Robert Miyake-Stoner           California-Pacific                 Clergy-Retired
Robert Stephen Newnum          Indiana                            Clergy
Robert Tannehill               East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Robert Walker                  Pacific Northwest                  Clergy-Retired
Robert Walz                    New York                           Laity
Robert White                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Robert Windle                  East Ohio                          Laity
Roberta Radford                Missouri                           Laity
Anonymous                      Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Roberta Thomas                 Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Robin Hynicka                  Eastern Pennsylvania               Clergy
Rodney Palmer                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Roger Boe                      Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Roger Dressen                  Minnesota                          Laity
Roger Nichols                  West Ohio                          Clergy
Roger Parks                    Minnesota                          Clergy
Romana Abelova                 New York                           Clergy
Ron Foore                      Oklahoma                           Laity
Ron Hoellein                   Western Pennsylvania               Clergy-Retired
Ronald Oliveira                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Ronda Bowen                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Rose Roberts                   Great Plains                       Laity
Rosemary Palmer                East Ohio                          Laity
Rosemary Word                  New England                        Laity
Ross Williams                  New York                           Laity
Roxanne S Taylor               Texas                              Laity
Roxanne Terry                  Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Roxanne Ushman                 Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Roxie Pin                      New England                        Laity
Rowland Curry                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Roy Evans                      North Texas                        Laity
Roy Knight                     West Virginia                      Clergy
Roy Ricker                     Rio Texas                          Clergy
Russ Alexander                 Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Russ Condon                    Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Ruth A. Daugherty              Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Ruth Ann Powers                Alabama-West Florida               Laity
Ruth Kruse                     Great Plains                       Laity
Ruth Wheeler                   East Ohio                          Laity
Ruthanne Hassing               Desert Southwest                   Laity
Ruthie Lees                    Great Plains                       Laity
Bishop Sally Dyck              Northern Illinois                  Bishop
Sally Watkins                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Sam Hildebrand                 Rio Texas                          Laity
G. R. Sam Schloemer            West Ohio                          Laity
Sam Stowell                    Texas                              Laity
Samuel Cox                     California-Pacific                 Clergy
Sandra Boyd                    West Michigan                      Laity
Sandra Chikerotis              Florida                            Laity
Sandra Gerhardt                Northern Alabama                   Laity
Sandra Lippert                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Sandra Lott                    North Alabama                      Laity
Sandra Metzger                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Sandra Sims                    Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Sandy Fivecoat                 Rio Texas                          Laity
Sandy Olewine                  California-Pacific                 Clergy
Sandy Priveters                Greater New Jersey                 Laity
Sandy Shawhan                  Tennessee                          Clergy
Sandy Sypherd                  Great Plains                       Laity
Sara Alexander                 Virginia                           Laity
Sara Baron                     Upper New York                     Clergy
Rev. Sara Lamar-Sterling       New York                           Clergy
Sara Sturge                    Wisconsin                          Laity
Sara Thompson Tweedy           New York                           Clergy
Sara Webb Phillipa             North Georgia                      Clergy
Sarah Beck                     Rocky Mountain                     Clergy
Sarah Cobb                     Memphis                            Laity
Sarah Nicklas                  Virginia                           Laity
Sarah White                    Upper New York                     Clergy
Sarah Woodward                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Sarah Yates                    Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Sari Brown                     Detroit                            Laity
Savannah Ponder                Florida                            Canddidate for Ministry
Scott Amundsen                 Upper New York                     Laity
Scott Anderson                 Desert Southwest                   Laity
Scott Anderson                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Scott Campbell                 New England                        Clergy
Scott Hilgadiack               Tennessee                          Laity
Scott Jensen                   Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Scott Morris                   Desert Southwest                   Laity
Scott Penrod                   New Mexico                         Clergy
Anonymous                      Oklahoma                           Clergy
Scott Summerville              New York                           Clergy
Scott Wilder                   Rio Texas                          Laity
Seneca Foote                   Susquehanna                        Clergy
Shannon Sherfey                Western North Carolina             Laity
Sharon Bycroft                 Oklahoma                           Laity
Sharon Chambers                Indiana                            Laity
Sharon Gilbert                 West Ohio                          Laity
Sharon Gray                    Oklahoma                           Laity
Sharon LeDuc                   Western North Carolina             Laity
Sharon McCart                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Sharon Moe                     Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Sharon Rhodes-Wickett          California-Pacific                 Clergy
Sharon Van Dusen               Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Sheldon Gruber-Lebowitz        Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Shelley Propst                 Missouri                           Laity
Anonymous                      Holston                            Laity
Shelly Wisdom-Long             West Michigan                      Clergy
Sheri Jones                    Rio Texas                          Laity
Sheri Whitethorn               Alaska                             Laity
Sherie Koob                    Baltimore-Washington               Certified Lay Minister
Sherri Mackey                  Upper New York                     Laity
Sherrie Lowly                  Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Sherry Burch                   California-Pacific                 Laity
Sherry Hanrahan                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Sherry Strain                  Rio Texas                          Clergy
Shirley Cheal                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Shirley Drake Byers            Upper New York                     Laity
Shirley Readdean               Upper New York                     Laity
Sid Hall                       Rio Texas                          Clergy
Sofia Sarabia                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Sofia Simon                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Sparkie Folkers                Florida                            Laity
Spencer Dawkins                North Texas                        Laity
Stacey Hagewood                Tennessee                          Laity
Stacey Ronczy                  New York                           Laity
Steed Davidson                 New York                           Clergy
Stefanie Gray                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Stephanie Council              Northwest Texas                    Laity
Stephanie Rhoades              North Texas                        Laity
Stephanie Rice                 California-Pacific                 Clergy
Anonymous                      Memphis                            Laity
Stephanie Vader                Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Stephen Condit                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Stephen Drachler               Susquehanna                        Laity
Stephen Griffith               Great Plains                       Clergy
Stephen Mallett                Tennessee                          Laity
Stephen Peck                   West Virginia                      Laity
Anonymous                      Detroit                            Laity
Steve Clunn                    Upper New York                     Clergy
Steve Depoe                    West Ohio                          Laity
Steve Garnaas-Holmes           New England                        Clergy
Steve Maga                     Alaska                             Laity
Steven Adair                   Tennessee                          Laity
Steven Bigden-Russell          Northern Illinois                  Laity
Steven Chrzas                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Steven Conklin                 Upper New York                     Laity
Steven Garner                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Steven Golnik                  Arkansas                           Laity
Anonymous                      Susquehanna                        Laity
Steven Plymale                 Virginia                           Clergy
Steven Smith                   Upper New York                     Clergy
Steven Tuell                   Western Pennsylvania               Clergy
Anonymous                      North Georgia                      Laity
Stuart R. Shaw                 Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Anonymous                      Rio Texas                          Laity
Sue Geier                      Tennessee                          Laity
Sue Luttrell                   Great Plains                       Laity
Sue Miller                     Central Texas                      Laity
Sue Mullins                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Sue Stutz                      North Carolina                     Laity
Sue Trollimger                 Western North Carolina             Laity
Sunmin Cho                     New England                        Clergy
Susan Aguilar                  Rio Texas                          Laity
Susan Cassens                  California-Nevada                  Laity
Susan Davenport                New England                        Clergy
Susan Dietz                    Holston                            Laity
Susan Feuerstein               North Carolina                     Laity
Susan Hagewood                 Tennessee                          Laity
Anonymous                      Wisconsin                          Laity
Susan Rood                     Great Plains                       Laity
Susan Shearouse                Virginia                           Laity
Susan Snow                     Rio Texas                          Laity
Susan Sobocienski              Detroit                            Laity
Susan Sprague                  Rio Texas                          Clergy
Susan Willm                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Susan Youmans                  Detroit                            Clergy
Susan Zahorbenski              Greater New Jersey                 Diaconal Minister
Susanna Southard               Great Plains                       Clergy
Susie Larson                   Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Suzanne Davis                  Oklahoma                           Deacon
Anonymous                      Kentucky                           Laity
Suzanne Krogh                  Iowa                               Laity
Suzanne Wood                   West Michigan                      Laity
Suzie Bell                     Arkansas                           Laity
SyLinda Evans                  North Texas                        Laity
Anonymous                      Baltimore-Washington               Certified Candidate
Tami Phillips                  California-Pacific                 Laity
Tanner Nickell                 North Texas                        Laity
Tanya Halley                   Virginia                           Laity
Tara Miller                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Tash Hansen-Day                Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Ted Finlayson-Schueler         New York                           Laity
Tedder Flottman                Mississippi                        Laity
Teresita Matos-Post            Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
Rev. Dr. Teresa Angle-Young    North Georgia                      Clergy
Teressa Sivers                 Upper New York                     Clergy
Teri Drymalski                 Great Plains                       Laity
Terri Stewart                  Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Terry B. Hall                  Pacific Northwest                  Clergy
Terry Froggatt                 Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Terry Haven                    Rocky Mountain                     Laity
Terry Heislen                  North Texas                        Clergy
Terry Opela                    Upper New York                     Laity
Terry Parker                   New York                           Laity
Thalia Duffield                Minnesota                          Laity
Theodore McKnight              Indiana                            Clergy-Retired
Thomas Agne                    East Ohio                          Laity
Thomas Davenport               West Michigan                      Clergy
Thomas Erickson                North Texas                        Laity
Thomas Galloway                West Ohio                          Laity
Thomas Holley                  Missouri                           Laity
Thomas L Ausley                Rio Texas                          Laity
Thomas Lank                    Greater New Jersey                 Clergy
Thomas Reinhart-Marean         California-Pacific                 Clergy-Retired
Thomas Shanklin                New England                        Clergy
Thomas Stewart                 New England                        Laity
Thomas Summers                 South Carolina                     Clergy
Thomas Taylor                  East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Thomas Wang                    California-Nevada                  Laity
Thomas Will                    Western Pennsylvania               Laity
Tiffany Sharp                  West Virginia                      Laity
Tilda Norberg                  New York                           Clergy
Tim Fleming                    Great Plains                       Laity
Tim Kobler                     Holston                            Clergy
Tim Schaefer                   Central Texas                      Laity
Tim Taylor                     East Ohio                          Laity
Timothy Holton                 Tennessee                          Laity
Timothy Leslie                 Florida                            Laity
Timothy Overton-Harris         Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Tina Whitehead                 Western Pennsylvania               Laity
Tobi Nguyen                    North Carolina                     Laity
Tom Jacobs                     Northern Illinois                  Laity
Tom McDermott                  Central Texas                      Clergy
Tom Pouliot                    Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Toney Mauney                   Desert Southwest                   Laity
Toni Stone-Brinson             Western North Carolina             Laity
Tonya Caputo                   North Georgia                      Laity
Rev. Tonya S. Harris           California-Pacific                 Clergy
Tracy Merrick                  Western Pennsylvania               Laity
Trina Bose North               Oklahoma                           Clergy
Tricia Lindley                 North Texas                        Candidate for Ministry
Trish Catalano                 California-Nevada                  Laity
Trish Gunby                    Missouri                           Laity
Twila Ehrich-Belton            Minnesota                          Laity
Valerie Erickson               Northern Illinois                  Laity
Velma McConnell                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Vernon l Groves                Oregon/Idaho                       Clergy
Veroneze L. Strader            West Michigan                      Laity
Vicki Flippin                  New York                           Clergy
Vicki Wills                    Upper New York                     Laity
Vicki Woods                    New England                        Clergy
Victoria Bailey                Rio Texas                          Clergy
Victoria Starnes               Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
Violet Ricker                  Northern Illinois                  Laity
Virginia Ahart                 New England                        Laity
Virginia Lapham                Baltimore-Washington               Laity
Anonymous                      Tennessee                          Laity
Walter Lockhart                Minnesota                          Clergy
Walker Kuch-Stanovsky          Pacific Northwest                  Laity
Warren Stewart                 Holston                            Pastor-Retired
Wendy Leon-Gambetta            New York                           Laity
Wendy Witt                     Northern Illinois                  Clergy
Wesley Matlock                 Florida                            Laity
Wiley Cooper                   South Carolina                     Clergy
Willard Nichols                New York                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Baltimore-Washington               Clergy
William Ballagh                California-Nevada                  Laity
William Beauchamp              North Texas                        Laity
William Ewing                  Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
William Finnegan               West Ohio                          Clergy
William Hudson                 Virginia                           Laity
William Marsh                  Central Texas                      Laity
William Morton                 Wisconsin                          Clergy
William Olewiler               Virginia                           Clergy-Retired
William Rainbolt               Upper New York                     Laity
William R. Pierce              East Ohio                          Clergy-Retired
Anonymous                      Oklahoma                           Clergy
William Watts                  East Ohio                          Laity
William Whipple                Eastern Pennsylvania               Laity
Winifred Council               North Texas                        Laity
Winifred Keefer                Desert Southwest                   Laity
Winifred Thomas                Oregon/Idaho                       Laity
Yuri Ando                      New York                           Clergy
Anonymous                      Great Plains                       Clergy