Confused by the three UMC plans?? Here is a handy Summary of the Plans Reported by the Commission on a Way Forward to General Conference 2019!

Covenant Prayer (borrowed from Cathedral of the Rockies)

We are all on the journey of discipleship, all seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We are all learners and all teachers, we all have gifts to share and so we work to listen and to learn from one another, treating each other with respect and dignity. We are a community of grace and forgiveness, glad for our diversity and differences. Disagreements will come, but we are willing to remain a part of the community and a part of the conversations, so we will not walk out or close our hearts or minds. Amen. 

Responsive Reading: A Call to Love Your Neighbor

God calls us to practice both personal and social holiness. 

We call our church to move from “either or” to “both and.”  

God calls us to welcome everyone, especially those who have been excluded. 

We call our church to end its discrimination against the LGBTQ community. 

God calls us to break down the barriers that divide and oppress people. 

We call our church to work for racial justice. 

God calls us to widen our concept of family.  

We call our church to give up colonialism and take up real relationships.

God calls us to be gentle with the Earth and all the people who share it.

We call our church to divest from war, occupation, and fossil fuels.

God calls us to embrace diversity and learn from people who are different from us. 

We call our church to become accessible and affirming for people of all abilities.

God calls us to protect human dignity in every stage of life.  

We call our church to support reproductive rights and reject the death penalty. 

God calls us to love Jesus and one another more than we love nations or dogmas. 

We call our church to speak our truth and listen for truth in other traditions. 

God calls us to care for the poor. 

We call our church to build a new economy that values people over profits. 

God calls us to welcome the stranger. 

We call our church to advocate for migrant workers, refugees, and immigrants. 

God calls us

And we call our church to #JustLove. 


Hymn Suggestions

·      They’ll Know we are Christians by our Love

·      For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table

·      We Shall Overcome

·      Draw the Circle Wide