Sample Press Release for those hosting a prayer vigil:


[Your city, date]

The [your church name] congregation is holding a prayer vigil [time, date] at [location].

The vigil will support volunteers representing the Love Your Neighbor Coalition who are traveling from the United States to four international gatherings this month. Their goal is to continue building relationships with United Methodists worldwide and advocate for the denomination to adopt more progressive policies.

This comes in advance of the United Methodist Church’s general conference, which will be held in Portland, Oregon in May. Every four years, representatives from across the denomination vote on policy changes. In recent years, these gatherings have become embittered with controversy around the acceptance of homosexual persons in the life and ministry of the church. Although homosexual and gender non-conforming people can be United Methodist Church members, the denomination’s Book of Discipline currently says that same-sex relationships are “incompatible with Christian teachings,” and does not allow for their ordination or marriage with United Methodism.

The Love Your Neighbor Coalition is a group of United Methodists from many progressive groups who aim “to ensure that our United Methodist Church remains open to the presence, love, and grace of God.” The coalition advocates for the full inclusion of LGBTQI people in the church, racial justice, accessibility, creation care, peacemaking, immigration reform, women’s rights, and an end to colonialist structures within the church.

[your church name] supports these efforts and is holding Love Your Neighbor Coalition volunteers, leaders, and staff in prayer. The vigil is open to all. [insert any other details specific to your event here]

Contact: [local contact info]

Rev. Steve Clunn Love Your Neighbor Coalition Coordinator

Phone: 202-546-8806 Email: