Si se puede!

“Love Your Neighbor is not an option. It’s a commandment. Not to love is a sin. Christ is calling us to be neighbors to immigrants.” The Rev. Rosanna Panizo, academic dean of the Methodist Seminary in Peru, made these comments during her statement yesterday at the Immigration Vigil, which was held to emphasize the importance of immigration to the United Methodist Church as its leaders gather to vote on related legislation. 14 United Methodist Bishops were present at the rally, along with more than a hundred demonstrators...

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Meeting of the Marginalized

Most of my life I’ve felt like an outsider. But over the years, I have noticed that most of the true advancement in science, medicine and culture were made by those who perceive themselves to be outsiders and outcasts. The margins can be a very creative place. All of us who feel marginalized and invisible in the United Methodist Church can understand each other and empathize with joy, pain, frustration, passion and calling to serve as a disciple of Christ with integrity.

The  term “Methodist” was originally used to mock John Wesley who was considered to be a spiritual outsider. This guy was riding a horse back and forth across the country believing he can build a faith community based on scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. What a wacky idea! At some point in time, John was able to embrace the term “Methodist” that was intended to mock him. It became the name of his movement. The huge growth of our church in the early days can be attributed to the meeting of many who saw themselves as marginalized by the religious establishment of the day...

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A Love Letter to Our Church from Your LGBTQI Religious Leaders

Originally posted by Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN), the letter below caused RMN's website to crash due to an overload of traffic just hours after the letter's release. We are honored to host a copy of this historic letter, and we stand in solidarity today with the 111 LGBTQI clergy and candidates below.

Dear United Methodist Church,

As we gather in Portland to begin the 10 day discernment of God’s leading for The United Methodist Church known as General Con-ference, we, your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, and Intersex (LGBTQI) religious leaders–local pastors, dea-cons, elders, and candidates for ministry–want to remind you of our covenant with you...

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You're Invited to the Tabernacle!

We’ll be honest: when we asked for $40,000 two weeks ago, LYNC’s leadership team was really worried. We couldn’t figure out how we’d get the word out fast enough. Many of us went into today’s emergency budget meeting with weariness and trepidation, prepared for the worst. But instead, we witnessed a miracle.


More than $10,000 in online gifts started the ball rolling. This movement has some AMAZING friends and supporters-- more than we know. Seeing that report was incredible. Then, our largest partner made a new pledge to the coalition that put the wind in our sails. Our smallest partner organization came to the table and DOUBLED their pledge. Things snowballed from there... 

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In the past week, we've reached out to our friends via social media with a special request. We asked for $40,000 in online donations to make our Tabernacle dream a reality. In 2012, our Tabernacle was a symbol of God's love and grace, and it was open to EVERYONE. We want to extend the same radical welcome in 2016. 

So far, more than 60 people have chipped in, and we've raised $6,150. WOW! Thank you so much, friends!

We're confident that, if enough people heard about this need, we would raise the remaining $33,850 and beyond. But that means we have to keep telling the story. Can you help us spread the word? We've created a Twibbon campaign that allows you to...

  • Add our logo to your Facebook profile picture
  • Tell family, friends, and followers about us on social media
  • Send an email to your contacts

Can you go public with your support for LYNC?

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Download Our App!

The Love Your Neighbor Coalition has created a free event app to bring its fans and followers together before and during General Conference. The app contains a news feed, a calendar of upcoming events, a network of supporters, and more!

Get it today by downloading a free app called "Guidebook" on any mobile device, searching within the app for "Love Your Neighbor Coalition," and downloading the guide with our logo.
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3 Ways You Can Make a Difference at GC2016

If you want the United Methodist Church to become a more just and loving organization in the wake of General Conference 2016, there's good news and there's bad news: 

The good news is, you can make a difference. 

The bad news is, it's up to you. 

The Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) is working to end the UMC's discrimination against people based on race, class, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. But we can't do it alone. 

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Progressive Coalition kicks off "Month of Giving"

Churches across the United Methodist connection will take special offerings in the coming week to support the work of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC).

LYNC represents a diverse partnership of thirteen United Methodist groups and caucuses. Its stated purpose is to work together for a "just, inclusive, and grace-filled denomination." At the 2012 General Conference, LYNC was best known for its Tabernacle, a huge outdoor tent that served free meals and hosted progressive speakers.

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New Partnership with Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference

Portland, Oregon - February 4th 2016 - The Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) is delighted to announce a new funding partnership with the Oregon Idaho Annual Conference and The Collins Foundation. Among other things, a major grant paid to send eight delegates to four international briefing sessions in February. The grant will also provide scholarships for young adults who want to volunteer with LYNC as Legislative Advocates. 

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Coalition to Africa Bishops: Let's Talk

A coalition of 13 official and unofficial United Methodist caucuses hope a letter responding to a statement from the African bishops opens a channel for working together— even as the church seems destined to butt heads over accepting or rejecting ministry with LGBTQ people.

“We must insist that peace is not going to come through ignoring the demands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians for full inclusion in the church."

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