You're Invited to the Tabernacle!

We’ll be honest: when we asked for $40,000 two weeks ago, LYNC’s leadership team was really worried. We couldn’t figure out how we’d get the word out fast enough. Many of us went into Thursday’s emergency budget meeting with weariness and trepidation, prepared for the worst. But instead, we witnessed a miracle.

More than $10,000 in online gifts started the ball rolling. This movement has some AMAZING friends and supporters-- more than we know. Thank you!!! Seeing that report was incredible. Then, one of our cash-strapped partner organizations came to the table and doubled their pledge to the coalition. Things snowballed from there.  

One by one, the organizations that formed LYNC upped their giving and renewed their commitment to the work we are doing together. They said, we are ALL IN. Because God has shown us that this movement is bigger than any one of us. We’ve decided to trust each other and trust God’s call. God has work for us to do. 

A slideshow of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition at General Conference 2012 in Tampa. Music by Mark Miller, photos by Jim Quinn. 

We made it… well, almost. We still have a $10,000 shortfall. But because of the overwhelming response from our partner organizations and our grassroots supporters, we’ve decided to take the leap of faith. God has come through for us so far, and somehow, we now the rest of the money will come.

We’re making a Tabernacle. And you’re invited!

As is life, the good news sometimes walks closely with the bad news.  Due to circumstances we couldn’t control or predict, we won’t be able to use the parking lot across the street from General Conference. So now we are doing what we do best, which is thinking creatively and shifting gears.  Already, our back-up plan is pretty awesome: we’re bringing the Tabernacle to our volunteers’ doorstep at the Jupiter Hotel and beyond!  (And just wait till we unveil our plan for the "beyond"!)

Here's the tent at the Jupiter hotel... now imagine that it's full of our AMAZING volunteers and friends! 

Here's the tent at the Jupiter hotel... now imagine that it's full of our AMAZING volunteers and friends! 

The tent is up in the courtyard in the middle of our biggest block of rooms and our main office space. It has power, furniture, and a stage. It will host a continental breakfast in the mornings, and expand our options for lunch. Morning, noon, and night, it will be a safe haven where we can share our stories and lift each other up.

Unfortunately, having our Tabernacle in this location will make it more difficult for delegates and friends to get there. So we need your help inviting people to come down. We’ll try to make it an easy sell. Thanks to your generous donations, we will be able to provide more food and festivities free of charge. And because the Tabernacle will be half a mile south of the convention center, we’re looking into options for transportation (such as a midday minibus). This is still a work in progress. Please bear with us.

So this is your official invitation, which we hope you will share widely: download LYNC’s free app so you can keep up with the “beyond” part of our Tabernacle ministry. Then come to the Jupiter Hotel and find us in The Tabernacle. Join the movement. Feel the Holy Spirit moving among us under the canopy that symbolizes God’s love, freely given for EVERYONE.