Reason #3      Side-stepping the real issues!
When proposals dealing with serious matters are designed to side-step real concerns, or even dealing with them at all, then people need to start asking themselves, what issues are we really trying to address?

The Connectional Table’s "third way forward" proposal doesn't address the prejudice or harm done to thousands of LGBTQ United Methodists who have had their worth, faithfulness and callings denied by their own church. It does however make it okay for some positive change (legitimization) in Annual Conferences where same gender marriages are already being performed and LGBTQ clergy are being ordained under a sort-of don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

Unfortunately, the CT “third way forward” proposal leads to further isolation of LGBTQ supportive United Methodist congregations that are located in Annual Conferences where they are in the minority. It also maintains a standard of disenfranchisement under the marque of “traditional beliefs.” If only all LGBTQ United Methodists and progressive Christians could be born in Annual Conferences where non-harmful, non-prejudicial ministries were practiced! Now that’s a standard that should make all United Methodists want to get out of bed in the morning!

The Rev. Vicki Flippin (pictured above) is the co-president of the board of directors of the Methodist Federation for Social Action. She is the Pastor of Social Justice, Exploring Faith, and Inter-generational Ministries at The Church of the Village, a progressive, multi-racial, and Reconciling United Methodist Church in Manhattan. A graduate of Yale Divinity School and the University of Chicago, Flippin has been elected to the New York Annual Conference Jurisdictional/General Conference delegation for 2016. She also has something very valuable to say about what the CT “third way forward” proposal really is: The Connectional Table’s Bribe to Straight Progressive Clergy. Don’t sell out the dignity of all for the convenience of a few. That only contributes to prolonged and further injustice.